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BDH-7500HB-CMK Corner Mount Kit with Heater/Blower

BDH-7500HB-CMK Corner Mount Kit with Heater/Blower


Kit includes outdoor dome housing, wall arm, and corner mount adapter.

Ratings: designed and fabricated to meet IK10 and IP66 specifications

Environmental: Housing -40C to +50C. Camera upper max 40C. This housing is not recommended for use in regions that will experience temperature in excess of 105F.

The heater/blower is designed to extend the low temperature operating range of the camera and minimize frosting on the bubble. Internal condensation should not be a problem when properly installed with desiccant pack inside the housing.

The high temperature operating range is not extended by the housing. Depending on how the unit is installed, the operating temperature could decrease by becoming hotter than the actual ambient temperature.  In other words, if the housing is installed under the eve of a building or any area that is not in direct sunlight, there is little to no effect on the camera operating temperature.  When mounted facing down, such as on the wall arm or wall arm on a vertical pole, there is little effect on the camera operating temperature.  When mounted on a vertical surface, looking horizontally, and exposed to direct sunlight, the temperature rise of above ambient will be around 10 to 12 degrees C during time of peak exposure to the sun.

Example: if mid-day, temperature is 35C (95F), during the time the camera bubble is exposed to the sun, inside temperature will increase to approximately 46C (115F), for a change of 11C (20F).  Note: it could be a little more or a little less of a temperature change based on where the housing is mounted in correlation to the path of the sun.

It is critical to understand these factors (avg max temp, mounting direction, and sun angle) for the location to determine if this housing with this camera is suitable for the application.  If the application calls for extending the upper operating temperature range based on these factors, then an active cooling housing will be required. Contact our team for pricing for such systems. 

Power: Housing - separate power supply rated at the housing at 24VAC @ .5A on separate power conductor. Camera - Bosch camera requires PoE

Recommended Power Supply: Bosch UPA-2450

Body: 6061-T6 Aluminum with powder coat finish

Dome: Optically Clear Nylon

Fasteners: Stainless Steel

Rating: designed to meet ingress protection level of IP66 and impact protection level of IK10.

Structure mounting: fasteners not included. Recommend selecting appropriate fastener for the structural material supporting the dome or mount with a minimum pull out strength of 150lbs.

Weight: 13.5 lbs.

Camera not included. 

Lead Time: approximately 30 days

NOTE: no returns or exchanges, all sales final.

 Housings & Mount One-Sheet

BDH-7500HB Data Sheet

Dome Housing Diagram

Wall Arm Mount Diagram

Corner Mount Adapter Diagram

Compatible Camera

BDH-7500(HB) Testing Processes and Results

Installation Manual: BHD-7500

Installation Manual: BMT-75CM

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