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BDH-7500HB-CAK Conduit Mount Kit with Heater/Blower

BDH-7500HB-CAK Conduit Mount Kit with Heater/Blower


Kit includes outdoor dome housing and conduit adapter ring for surface mount applications requiring conduit entry (3/4" NPT).

Ratings: designed and fabricated to meet IK10 and IP68 specifications

Environmental: Housing -40C to +50C. Camera upper max 40C. This housing is not recommended for use in regions that will experience temperature in excess of 105F.

Power: Housing - separate power supply rated at the housing at 24VAC @ .5A on separate power conductor. Camera - Bosch camera requires PoE

Recommended Power Supply: Bosch UPA-2450

Body: 6061-T6 Aluminum with powder coat finish

Dome: Optically Clear Nylon

Fasteners: Stainless Steel

Rating: designed to meet ingress protection level of IP66 and impact protection level of IK10.

Structure mounting: fasteners not included. Recommend selecting appropriate fastener for the structural material supporting the dome or mount with a minimum pull out strength of 150lbs.

Weight 13.05 lbs.

Camera not included. 

Lead Time: approximately 30 days

NOTE: no returns or exchanges, all sales final.

 Housings & Mount One-Sheet

BDH-7500HB Data Sheet

Dome Housing Diagram

Conduit Adapter Diagram

Compatible Camera

Installation Manual: BHD-7500

Installation Manual: BMT-75CA

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